Kits Classic Kits By Pippjfreak

Posted by Mozell Cremin on March 03, 2017

Kits Classic Kits By Pippjfreak. Yeah I'll do them, I only create kits in my spare time & it's my wee mans birthday this weekend so it won't be this week I'm afraid. Also the triangle pattern isn't the same as the England kit but it is the same as an umbro GK kit I created for CSKA Moscow so it should still be easy enough to recreate Pip

Kits - Classic Kits By Pippjfreak. The home is inspired by the classic Le Coq Sportif strip from the 83-85 seasons, the away is my take on Umbros diamond strip from 86-87 seasons whilst the 3rd strip is from their original 1881-82 kits

Kits Classic Kits By Pippjfreak

Kits Classic Kits By Pippjfreak: Parma Classic Kit For PES 2017 By Pippjfreak And JekaParma Classic Kit For PES 2017 By Pippjfreak And JekaKits Classic Kits By Pippjfreak: Internazionale 09-10 Kits [PES18] By PippjfreakInternazionale 09-10 Kits [PES18] By Pippjfreak

Kits Classic Kits By Pippjfreak freak. 1st post & 1st kit! Just did my 1st club editing with PESMASTER It is the closest I could get to that incredible team of 86 Does anyone have more classic kits from Portugal teams ? All the best and keep up the excelent work! Rgds, S [KITS] Classic Kits By Pippjfreak. So having got a 3D blender model for PES2018 kit template I've decided to dip my toe in to the PES2018 classic kits. To start I'll be helping/taking inspiration from Slarkmeister with his classic Champions League/Cup teams but mostly I'll probably just meander around taking on different European teams with no real purpose or direction a bit like a Scottish midfield really.

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